When you’ve been traveling for as long as we have you think you’ve seen it all; mountains, valleys, beaches, escarpments, small towns, and cities all now just come in varying shades.

But even after all these years on the road, I was still blown away by Karijini National Park. The vast wilderness, incredible rock-red formations, and deep, craggy gorges.

Things to Do in Karijini National Park

Read on to learn about the best attractions in Karijini National Park!

Hamersley Gorge

It’s famous for its field of gorges that have swirls of rock that appear to be sweeping down through the gorge.

Weano Gorge

One of the most popular things to do at Weano Gorge is to go swimming in Handrail Pool. Getting to this pool is an experience in itself, let alone being able to swim in the turquoise waters at the end.

Knox Gorge

Knox Gorge is the gorge that gives Karijini its reputation as being home to some of the best rock formations in Australia.

Hancock Gorge

If you’ve come to Karijini National Park looking for adventure, then you will find it on the iconic Spider Walk at Hancock Gorge.

Dales Gorge (Fern Pool & Fortescue Falls)

Located on the Eastern side of Karijini National Park, Dales Gorge is one of the most popular attractions in Karijini. It’s famous for its stunning, spring-fed Fern Pool and magnificent Fortescue Falls.

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