7 Reasons I Loved My Globus Choice Tour of Northern California

This group tour called “California Dreaming: Northern California by Design” took us from San Francisco to Yosemite National Park passing through Sonoma, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Lakes where we enjoyed popular attractions as well as more lessor known experiences. 

About Choice Touring by Globus Tours

We worked with them to help share the experience of this new tour form introduced by Globus earlier this year: Choice Touring. Choice Touring by Globus allows for more flexibility and independence within the group travel experience.

My perspective of our Globus Northern California Tour

I found an opportunity to travel in a more relaxed style where I was taken care of so I could enjoy the experiences and connect with others on the tour. 

Traveling with others

This tour was a wonderful opportunity for me to step outside of that and create memories with other people – new and old. 

Effortless Travel

Booking my flight and packing my bag were the only things I had to do for this group tour. No research. No deal finding, No booking. No itinerary preparation! 

Great Mix of Top Destinations and Lessor Known

I really loved how the Globus tour had a great mix of known and lessor known destinations. It’s not something I typically would have expected from a group tour.