Choose hiking trails that are best suited to the level of your children’s age and fitness. We only go on easy-medium grade trails these days such as our favorite, the Byron Bay Lighthouse Walk and the sensational White Sands walk in Jervis Bay, NSW.

Choose your hiking trails carefully

Choose a trail and a time frame, but see if you can stretch the children a little further, even if it’s only 10 minutes more. 

Allow your children to stretch themselves a little

Start your hike with kids early

Everybody’s energy is better in the morning. And if you’re in a HOT location you’ll want to beat the heat of the day, or a place that tends to get afternoon thunderstorms you’ll want to avoid those too! 

Have your camera ready

Hikes can be such a memorable experience, you don’t want to miss a magic moment. I love to take photos of my children from behind. You can capture some amazing natural moments that tell the story of the adventure.

Pay attention to the weather and pack plenty of clothes

This is the day you want an hour-by-hour weather forecast. Don’t be afraid to cancel your plans if the weather is not working in your favour. It’s too dangerous to risk hiking in bad weather – that is too hot or too cold or too wet.

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