Taking a helicopter ride over Sydney is a unique and thrilling experience that will leave long-lasting memories.

Not only do you get to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, but the ride itself is a thrilling adventure that is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you’re thinking of taking a helicopter ride in Sydney but you’re not sure what it’s like, here’s what we thought of the experience!

Helicopter flights have always been on my list of things I‘d never do. I don’t know why. I think because of out of the thousands that fly every day I had remembered the few that crash every year.

Funny how our mind works and as our knowledgeable pilot, Guy, reassured me during pre-departure checks that helicopter flying is safer than being on the ground – much like flying in a plane.

Guy warned me that during take-off he would skim along the ground nose pointing down. I was sitting up the front and thought I would freak out, but as soon as the chopper went up and we dipped I felt like I was on a fun roller coaster ride.

I felt that strange calm envelope me and I never once thought about it possibly being dangerous again, even when the chopper dipped and shook in the breeze.

Coasting above Sydney Harbour was surreal and one of the best experiences I have had in Sydney.

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