It’s mesmerizing and awe inspiring, and I feel giddy each time I gaze at the snow covered jagged peaks. If you’re used to it, you might not get the same champagne buzz that I do.

Combine that with the colours of the bright blue sky, the alpine trees, the lush greenery and the rapidy rivers; I’m in total heaven. Get me out rolling amongst those wildflowers in bloom! 

Bike riding along the Roaring Forks River

20 miles sounds like a long bike ride when your popping on the helmet, but when the gradient is slightly downhill, it’s quite quick and effortless. 

Campfire and BBQ evening

This time, we had a delicious barbeque courtesy of Slow Groovin’ BBQ from Marble Colorado and craft beer from the Roaring Fork Beer Company located in Carbondale, Colorado. 

Morning hike to Yin Yang Lookout

The Yin Yang Lookout offers incredible 360-degree views of Snowmass, Mt. Daly, Capital Peak and down on Ziegler Reservoir (site of the Ice Age Discovery). 

A visit to Anderson Ranch Art Gallery

I was impressed with the way this community has been created to help artists from around the world to come and hone their skills, to learn and collaborate with each other through many artistic expressions such as printing, ceramics, wood working, and sculpture. 

Independence Pass Scenic Drive

Independence Pass is the highest paved mountain pass in Colorado at 12095ft and is one of the most spectacular drives in the US passing clear rivers, beautiful valleys, steep peaks, and extensive aspen forests.