Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries in the world. Few countries offer the same level of biodiversity that you will find there. Rich in nature and with two coastlines, this small country nestled between Nicaragua and Panama has something for everyone.

Where to Stay in Costa Rica

As a family, we usually chose to find a good short-to-mid term rental home via vrbo.com, but you can also enjoy many all-inclusive resorts ranging from local pricing up to the Four Seasons. 

Best Things to Do in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano and the rain forests of Monteverde are some of my favorite spots on earth, but most people come to enjoy its beautiful beaches. 

Major Events and Festivals in Costa Rica

Independence day is probably the biggest holiday in Costa Rica, celebrated on September 15th. There is a night parade in each town with local children carrying “faroles” (handmade lanterns) and also a huge parade during the day. 

Where to Drink in Costa Rica

Most weekends there is some type of celebration going on complete with fireworks, drinks, and loud music. If at all possible try to get to one, it is a sight to see, whether it is a “tope” (horse parade), or the celebration of a saint, you will enjoy! 

Best Places for a Night on the Town in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans love to party and you can be assured that any town, large or small will have a fair assortment of bars to suit your needs just fine. 

Best things to Eat in Costa Rica

You will find loads of inexpensive vegetables and fruits growing in practically every yard or at one of many fruit stands along the road. The true beauty of the Costa Rican food is the freshness!