Cinque Terre is a Northwestern Italian region that offers crystal clear waters, laid-back coastal towns with picturesque, colorful homes, amazing hikes, and great food.

It’s famous for its centuries-old villages that are surrounded by rugged cliffs and sit on steep terraces

Things to do in Cinque Terre, Italy

It’s time to introduce you to the top attractions in Cinque Terre and things to do. Let’s take a look…

Go on a boat tour of Cinque Terre

We scheduled a 2.5-hour tour with Daniele, the owner and tour guide at Enjoy Cinque Terre for 60 euros including drinks.

Go to the Beach

While we were there, we went to four different Cinque Terre beaches that were all very clean with amazingly clear water.

Eat gelato

We enjoyed gelato both in Riomaggiore at a small Gelato place in the marina at sunset and in Monterosa at a place right outside the train station on a hot day.

Enjoy the food

Just walking down the street you will find large cones of fried seafood that make a great snack or small meal. Not only is the seafood fresh, but also pretty cheap.

Taste the local White Dessert Wine

No trip to Cinque Terre would be complete without trying the local wines. One of the rarest wines in the region is Sciacchetrà, which is in limited production.

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