There is hardly a place in Europe that evokes images of beauty, glamour, and tranquility more than Lake Como in Italy.

For hundreds of years it’s been a popular destination with the rich and famous but there are plenty of things to do at Lake Como for the humble tourist, too.

Things to do at Lake Como

Now for the fun part! Here are my top tips on what to do in Lake Como for any type of traveller!

Visit The Lakeside Towns and Villages

The pedestrianized piazza is lined with cafes and restaurants and is as good a spot as any to grab a bite to eat and people-watch.

Visit a Villa on Lake Como

Lake Como must surely boast more luxury villas than anywhere else on earth.

Enjoy a Lake Cruise on Lake Como

Taking a cruise is one of the best things to do at Lake Como and a good way to see some of the houses of its famous residents, like Richard Branson.

Enjoy the Lake Como scenery

Everywhere you look you’ll be greeted with spectacular views, so find a quiet place to sit and appreciate the gorgeous scenery all around you.

Check Out Como Cathedral

The Como Cathedral, or Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta as it’s known in Italian, is a stunning cathedral in Como and is the official seat of the Bishop of Como.

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