12 year old's Perspective of the Avalon River Cruise

I was very privileged to go on the Avalon river cruise from Germany to Hungary. I’ve been lucky to travel to many countries and exciting destinations with my Mom and Dad, but this was my first time on a river cruise. 

Most people assume that a river cruise is meant for older people, but I’m 11 and I actually really liked it. 

12 year old Savannah’s Perspective of the Avalon River Cruise

The Avalon Cruise has a very good variety of stuff to do and here are a few of the things I loved. 

Endless sweets

There was the all-day snack bar that Kalyra and I often raided at midnight. Don’t tell my Mom and Dad. My favorite was the donuts so I had extra of those when they were available. 

The Entertainment

I think I danced to every song. It was so much fun. The other people on the cruise were so fun. And guess what…I won the competition!! I got an Avalon Waterways cap and a bottle of sparkling wine, which I gave to Mom and Dad.

I tried lots of new food

Because every meal was so fancy, I decided to try lots of new foods and I enjoyed it. I could have had plain grilled chicken if I wanted but instead I tried tuna teriyaki, butter fish, lobster, apple strudel and sausages in Vienna! 

Lots of tour options

One of the things that I really enjoyed about the Avalon cruise was the different options we had for exploring the places we visited. However if you just felt like relaxing the whole day you were more than welcome to stay on the ship. 

Four countries in one trip!

The river cruise helped me add four new countries to my list! And I didn’t even have to take one flight between them. I didn’t even have to show my passport. On our Danube River cruise we visited Germany, Austria and Hungary. 

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