You may have heard lately of more families taking European river cruises with their children, including us, and in this post we’re sharing our family perspective on this style of travel.

We recently had the opportunity to experience a European river cruise with our two daughters, aged 15 and 11, on an Avalon Waterways 8-day Danube River cruise through Germany, Austria and Hungary.

European River Cruises For Families – why take them?

We wanted to share why we thought it was a great experience for families and a few tips to help you get the most out of it.

Independence for all

One of the biggest benefits of European river cruising with older kids is that they’ll love and appreciate the independence it offers. 

Firstly, they’ll get their own cabin as staterooms are made for two. The girls were across the corridor from us and loved shutting their door and having their own space! They could come and go as they pleased, which they took great advantage of for midnight raids of the snack bar in the ship’s back lounge.

Amazing Historical Learning

River cruises are more cultural than ocean cruises and can take you through some of Europe’s most notable cities and regions. It’s an ideal way to teach kids about European history, art, culture, and music.

A Focus on Adventure Activities

On board our Avalon Waterways cruise ship was an adventure host who ran morning yoga classes, games on board, and adventure style activities in the port destinations. It wasn’t just the travel itineraries they plan for you, but onboard entertainment too!

Great optional activities

On our Danube River cruise, there are optional excursions you can choose to do at several of the port stops. In Vienna, we chose to do the classical music concert which we all loved, especially Kalyra.

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