Eungella National Park is a hidden gem nestled high above the plains of Queensland, Australia. Backed by the Mackay Highlands, this is the longest continual stretch of sub-tropical rainforest in Australia.

With its mist-shrouded mountains and dense rainforests, this ecological paradise is not only a biodiversity for over 860 plant species, but famously home to a colony of platypus.

Things To Do In Eungella National Park

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this extraordinary place.

Wake Up Early To Platypus in Eungella NP at Broken River

There in the morning light, on my own, I sat by the lagoon and watched a platypus swimming and playing oblivious to me standing there!

Hike to Lookouts

This is an easy track to the lookout to do with kids, since it’s located on a short 0.2 mile loop walk through the lush rainforests and opens up to a natural window through the trees, looking out over the valley.

Visit Finch Hatton Gorge

One of the best places to see the unique plants and fauna of the park is from Finch Hatton Gorge, where leaf litter scatters the floor and moss covered boulders rise out of the ground.

Where to Stay in Eungella National Park

We were staying at Broken River Resort, on the edge of Broken River in the rainforest. It’s the perfect cool mountain retreat to escape from the North Queensland tropical heat. We checked in and headed straight down to the river for platypus viewing.

Our lodge had some incredible views overlooking the valley and the serene sunset beyond. Broken River Mountain Resort offers spaciousness one or two bedroom lodges, or for budget travelers, a motel-style room.

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