Why Visit Ethiopia? Ethiopia has a tremendous amount of history and culture and is one of the most ancient civilizations that we have today.

Best Things to See and Do in Ethiopia

The Omo Valley is a very interesting cultural experience as they are one of the last parts of the world that haven’t been influenced by the western world.

Best Areas to Explore in Ethiopia

1. Addis Ababa 2. The Northern circuit; Axum, Gondar, & Lalibela, Semene Mountains 3. The Southern Circuit: Awasa, Omo Valley, Rift Valley Lakes

Where to Eat in Ethiopia

 The food is extremely reasonable and the best places to eat in Ethiopia are in local restaurants.

You Can’t Visit Ethiopia Without Eating

Most Ethiopians eat with their hands and you typically pick up your food with the engineer of bread. You have to try the lamb or beef tibs.

Where to Drink Coffee in Ethiopia

You can find the coffee anywhere in the country including local cafés, hotels, restaurants, and corner stores.

Markets or Shopping Districts in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is home to Merkato which is one of the largest markets in Africa and the largest open air market on the continent.