Seattle is big on culture, the arts, unique attractions, innovation, musicians and sports. The Seattle attractions and experiences do a fantastic job of telling its unique story. 

It is sandwiched between the Puget Sound and the Cascades Mountain so is surrounded by natural beauty and provides easy access to so many incredible regions near to Seattle. 

Don’t visit Seattle WITHOUT a Seattle CityPAss

Out of all the cites in the USA we have visited, the Seattle CityPass is the one that provides the most value out of all their city attraction passes. 

When in Seattle, be sure to … taste cupcakes

Throughout your time in Seattle, plan for some cupcake tasting. You will hear about it once you arrive in Seattle. It’s a favorite argument among the locals. 

Getting around Seattle

You’ll be surprised at how walkable Central Seattle is, which includes downtown, Belltown, Seattle Center, South Lake Union, the waterfront, and Pioneer Square. 

Day 1: Arts and Culture

We don’t usually visit museums but we loved the ones in Seattle for their uniqueness. 

Don’t forget to leave time for some cupcake tasting, and plan in advance what you want to experience at Pike Place Market and your dinner and evening plans. 

Day 2: History & Waterfront attractions