As the fourth biggest country in the world, there’s a lot to consider when planning a USA trip to make sure you are safe, can budget correctly, and make the most of your experience.

There’s the logistics of flights, getting around, deciding which states and cities to visit, what attractions to see, where to find good food, and concerns of how much things will cost.

Things To Know Before You Go To The USA

This is why we’ve prepared this guide on things to know before you visit the USA, so you can visit feeling prepared for this amazing adventure and have the best possible experience.

America is 50 United States of Diversity

USA travel opportunities are endless, from the wild, untamed wilderness of Alaska to the tropical islands of Hawaii, there’s so much to see and explore.

The USA Does NOT Use the Metric System

Americans also use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, which can be confusing if you’re not sure what the conversion is. 50 Fahrenheit sounds warm, until you realize that it’s 10 celsius.

You Can Supersize It All in the USA

Food portions tend to be bigger than what we are used to in Europe or Australia, but you can ask for a smaller portion or a “child’s size” if you’re worried about over eating.

America Does Healthy, Delicious Food Fusion Well

America does food fusion well and you can find some delicious, innovative dishes. Ask the locals, tourism boards, and do your research beforehand to find those great local food experiences.

Great Coffee Can Be Hard to Find

It’s getting better, but it can still be hard to find decent coffee. It’s not hard to find a Starbucks, but if you want better quality, search for local roasters to find good coffee.

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