Rome is called the Eternal City for a reason. Walk along the cobblestones covered in hanging vines, with people spilling out on the sidewalk drinking Aperol Spritz and eating gelato, then turn a corner, and there’s a 2000-year-old crumbling ruin saying “Hey, Remember me?”

It has to be one of the most captivating cities in the world – not one where ancient history is all they have left to give you, but a place full of vibrant modernity, too.

Things To Know Before Going to Rome

Before you start wandering past its marble masterpieces, arm yourself with wisdom from the ages to ensure your visit to Rome is a smooth and unforgettable one.

Know How to Get to Rome from the Airport

If you are coming from abroad, the most common way is to fly to Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO), which serves as a major international gateway.

Getting to Rome by Train Is Easy

Rome’s Termini Station is the central hub for national and international train services. Another option for nearby countries is bus travel, which offers a more affordable option but may take longer.

Rome is Compact and Walkable

Most of the best things to do in Rome are located within its compact and walkable city center. Many of the streets are also winding cobblestone alleys that cars can’t fit down and have ancient stories to tell with each turn.

Getting Around on Scooters and Bikes Is Popular

I mentioned how great it is to walk around in Rome. If you want to move faster, but stay in the open on the streets, then consider getting around on scooters, bikes, or vespas. 

Public Transport in Rome Is Not Needed

If you’re staying in Rome central, I don’t think you’ll need to use the Metro of Rome, but it is there in case you’re tired and no longer want to walk. But it is the smallest metro system in Europe and only has three lines.

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