Embrace Resort was opened in 2014 by a local Bahamian woman, Nicole (Nikki) who has been working in the tourism industry for 30 years.

The resort aims to embrace the true essence of Bahamian culture – relaxation and a place where families can come together.

Reasons to Stay at Embrace Resort

Now you have been introduced, let’s look at the many reasons why you’ll love staying at the Embrace Resort on your vacation! 

An Inspiring All-Female Owned Local Business

In fact, it was their descendants who first settled Staniel Cay (and played a role in settling the wild pigs on nearby Pig Island.)

It’s A Sustainable Eco-Resort

Embrace Resort is committed to sustainability and eco-tourism. It was built with advice from OBMI’s Environmental Consultant, Denaye Hinds.

It has Bahamian Villas to Suit all Travel Styles

The interior design is aimed to match the character of the island it’s named after. For example, Bimini will have lots of blues as it’s an island known for deep-sea fishing.

Exuma Villas Are Great for Families

As Staniel Cay is a quiet island – no real nightlife – we enjoyed relaxing on the couch for an evening watching Netflix, reading books, or crocheting.

Affordable Upscale Dining at the Flying Pig Café

I was very happy to see quite a few gluten-free options on the menu too. Vegans and vegetarians will have options as well, like a coconut chickpea curry.

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