All of the Portland neighborhoods have several restaurants you can indulge in, no matter your cuisine or style. What I loved is that the majority of places to eat in Portland are independently owned and use fresh, healthy, sustainable, ethically and locally sourced producers.

Blue Star Donut

Blue Star seems to have more stores scattered around the city. In fact, truth be told, we had Voodoo in Eugene, not Portland, and I don’t recall seeing many stores there. But Blue Star – they’re everywhere! 

Pips Original Doughnuts and Chai

Pips Original Doughnuts are definitely for those who want to steer away from the masses and embrace that hipster Portland vibe. Pips donuts are more your traditional style donuts but with a smaller twist.

Voodoo Doughnut

Portlander founders, Kenneth Pogson and Tres Shannon started their quest for doughnut domination in 2003 after noticing that Portland didn’t have one doughnut shop.

Devour Innovative Ice Cream at Salt & Straw

Once you’re done with donuts, head to this Portland ice cream institution, Salt & Straw for truly unique flavors. Think Honey lavender, arbequina olive oil, and strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper. I couldn’t resist a coava coffee with freckled woodblock chocolate.

Eat at the Food Truck Pod

Instead of roaming around the city streets, these food trucks gather together in a particular area or pod. Take your pick of the food you want to eat and sit down at the picnic tables to enjoy. 

Go Aussie Style at Proud Mary Cafe

I was happy to see this popular Portland café full of patrons excitedly chatting over smashed avocado toast topped with sprouted almonds, a salad of shaved green tomato, kelp sea salt, and dried tomato flakes.