We originally thought we’d take a few days to drive The Savannah Way in Tropical North Queensland, and it would just be a few days of transit driving, stopping only for food and sleep.

We quickly realized this was no ordinary highway, and we had stumbled across one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Stops on The Savannah Way

If you’re thinking of driving the Savannah Way Drive, then keep reading to find out which stops you need to know about on this hidden gem road trip.

The Atherton Tablelands

It’s a beautiful region that varies from agricultural farmlands, to ancient rainforest with stunning waterfalls and scrub land.

Undara Lava Tubes

What a fascinating discovery Undara Volcanic National Park was! Here you will find the world’s longest lava tubes a phenomena I knew nothing about until coming here.

Mount Surprise & Georgetown

The scenery is true outback gorgeousness with the red dirt, blue skies, huge termite mounds and scrub trees. I’d so love to see it in the wet when the greenery comes out.

Cobbold Gorge

Yet another special place on the Savannah Gulf. We stayed at Cobbold Gorge for one night, you might like to rest a while – it’s peaceful enough with plenty to keep you entertained, and the infinity pool has amazing views.

The Gulflander Experience

Originally built to connect the once bustling river port of Normanton with the rich gold fields of Croydon, today the Gulflander is a tourism icon and working tribute to the early pioneers of the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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