I’ll admit, we were a little baffled by Baffle Creek. Not because of it’s name, but because we weren’t expecting it to be so beautiful.

We’d never heard of this small town on the Capricorn Coast, nestled halfway between Bundaberg and Gladstone in Queensland. We stumbled on it by chance on our Australia road trip.

Things To Do In Baffle Creek

Baffle Creek is a small town and doesn’t have a whole lot of attractions, it’s main attraction is fishing, which you can do from the shore or from a boat. Aside from fishing, here are some of the best things to do in Baffle Creek.

Visit Wreck Rock Beach

Driving along the dirt road through the jungled palm trees to Wreck Rock gave me the first inhale of what I anticipated the northern part of Queensland to be like – tropical bliss.

Go For a Boat Ride

If fishing is not your thing, the crystal clear water is super enticing for swimming or a boat ride.

Visit Broadwater Haven’s Beach

Just over the creek (a short wade at low tide), you’ll find a pristine stretch of beach, where you might even catch an odd wave or two although it is open ocean and a bit wild. There’s a small jetty to park your boat. The beach will be all yours for the day.

Head to Town of 1770 for a LARC Tour

The best way to see the town is on a LARC tour, which is an amphibious vehicle that takes you from Bustard Bay and to the historic Bustard Heads lighthouse, Middle Island, and driving through four National Parks.

Where To Stay in Baffle Creek

We stayed just north of Baffle Creek at Broadwater Haven Cabins on the estuary of Deepwater, Mitchell, Blackwater and Cow Creeks. This eco-friendly property is owned by Frank and Noela Goetz who moved here from Gympie 16 years ago.

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