If you’re looking for short walks in Tasmania, then you’re going to want to check out the Liffey Falls Circuit.

It’s a short stroll through the mossy forest of the Central Plateau Conservation Area that takes you to see some of the most striking waterfalls in Tas.

If you’re thinking of visiting Liffey Falls and the Central Plateau Conservation Area, here is everything you need to know about going and our experience visiting there.

Liffey Falls is a group of four multi-level cascading waterfalls on the Eastern Banks of the Liffey River in the Liffey Falls State Reserve. It was originally called the Tellerpangger by the traditional owners, the Panninher clan.

The falls are an area of historic importance, as it was where 30-60 Tasmanian aboriginal people were massacred in 1827 as revenge for killing a stockman, William Knight.

The Liffey Falls walk lies within the Liffey Falls State Reserve, an area of cool temperate rainforest, featuring myrtle, sassafras, and leatherwood on the slopes of the spectacular Great Western Tiers.

Liffey is a series of four cascading falls, named Alexandra Falls, Hopetoun Falls, Spout Falls, and Victoria Falls. Or you can just call them the main cascades, third cascade, second cascade, and first cascade – easy enough to remember.

At the lower falls is where you probably want to spend most of your time photographing, picnicking, and, if the water is high enough, swimming.

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