If you happen to be in Lake Lure in August, then you may want to check out the Annual Dirty Dancing Festival, which is a fantastic day event full of fun and laughter, beach bands, food, beer and wine, and of course, lots and lots of dancing!

It’s not just about the dance performances though, you can also take part in dance lessons, build crafts with craft vendors, and finish off with the Lake Lift Competition which reenacts the iconic scene where Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey in the lake.

This was a party where people knew themselves. There was no searching or seeking, playing with their hair, or pursing their lips, it was just a place where everyone could have a feel-good time and celebrate this iconic movie.

Lake Lure’s Dirty Dancing Festival is held every year in August in Lake Lure. It takes place in the Hickory Nut Gorge, on the spot where the actual movie was filmed.

The basketball courts make way for a huge stage where dance lessons take place, and the grassy lawn becomes an outdoor cinema.

Activites you can expect on the day are watermelon-carrying races, amateur shag competitions, Kellerman’s Festival Talent Show, a lakeside film screening (of course) and finally, the annual Lake Lift competition.

The highlight of the festival was to watch the lift competition in the lake, just around the corner from where Baby and Johnny practiced in real life.

The participants were focused and determined to stay up in the air the longest and win that coveted crown. We even had a marriage proposal and everyone cheered and were so happy he did not lose the ring to the sucking mud underneath.

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