The Czech Republic is currently one of the most popular Eastern European destinations. But the question remains, where should you go when you visit the Czech Republic?

Prague is the most obvious Czech destination, with over 90% of visitors only visiting this city. But there are more stunning cities in the Czech Republic that are off the beaten track, and well worth visiting.

The Most Beautiful Czech Republic Cities

Whether you’re looking for stunning architecture, jaw-dropping nature, or somewhere off the main tourist trail, be sure to check out the following cities…

Cesky Krumlov: The Medieval City

Once a seat of noble families, Český Krumlov is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can explore its well-preserved medieval center and ancient castle.

Kutna Hora: The city of the bone church

There are a handful of mysterious churches in Europe that house an incredible amount of human bones. The Chapel underneath the Church of All Saints in Sedlec, just 2km outside of Kutná Hora is by far the most impressive.

Prague: The Capital City

It’s one of the largest cities in Europe (7th to be exact) and is famous for its Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque architecture, as well as it’s musical history and delicious food.

Karlovy Vary

Aside from its spa culture, Karlovy Vary is also known for its stunning architecture from the Colonnades, with numerous buildings and monuments showcasing Baroque and Art Nouveau styles.


One of the main attractions in Liberec is the Ještěd Tower, a futuristic-looking structure that was designed by architect Karel Hubáček. You can take a cable car to the top of Ještěd Mountain to enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

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