Yangshuo is a picturesque riverside town near Guilin in South East China. Yangshuo is known for its stunning river winding through the karst mountain landscape and endless rice fields.

There are plenty of things to do in Yangshuo, but the most popular activity is to go for a bike ride.

We spent almost a week in the pretty village enjoying its relaxed atmosphere and had to drag ourselves away to explore more of the region and landscapes.

We decided to hire bicycles to go cycling through the Yangshuo countryside to the nearby town of Fuli.

It was a bumpy old back road that took us past farmers ploughing the fields with their buffaloes and little farm villages along the winding river.

We eventually arrived in the old Chinese town to wander the streets and to check out the strangely charming historic buildings and the fans they are famous for making.

As we were walking within the city walls by the river, we were accosted by a small group of elderly friends sitting around a table by the river under an umbrella playing cards, singing and chatting.

They were excited by the foreign visitors and filled us with endless cups of green tea, peanuts and biscuits.

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