The cost of travel in Australia seems to be getting higher by the second, it’s crazy!

As Australians living in America, we are always being asked; is Australia expensive to visit? How much does it cost to travel in Australia?

Cost of Travel in Australia

In this guide, we’ve focused soley on the cost of travel in Australia so you get an idea for how much things cost and can work out your travel budget.

Cost of Flights in Australia

Depending on the time of year and day of the week the cost of flights to Australia will vary greatly just as they do in any country.

For my first example, let’s look at one of the most popular flights on the network, the Sydney –> Melbourne route. – 1hr 30min flight – Return ticket – Booked 5 weeks in advance – Departing in November

I ran this scenario through my favourite flight search engines. Best price I got at the time was: – $108 return – Flying with JetStar – Via the JetStar website and on      the Expedia search site.

The second example I used was another popular flight from Sydney –> Cairns, you’ve gotta visit the Great Barrier Reef right? – 3 hour flight – One way ticket – Booked 5 weeks in advance – Departing in August

Best price I found was:  – $275 return – Via the Kayak search site How does this price compare with a 3 hour one-way flight in your country?

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