Whilst we’re not in the business of actually booking trips for others, but we can certainly offer you expert guidance on how to choose a destination that meets your interests and budget.

While we all have those bucket list places we want to tick off, sometimes time, money, and other factors get in the way of us booking those trips – but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the idea of traveling.

If you’re desperate to get away and embark on a trip somewhere new and exciting, then here are some questions you should ask yourself to help you narrow down your choices, as well as some tips to help you choose which destination to travel to next.

Why Do You Want to Travel?

First knowing why you want to do anything is important. If your WHY is clear and strong enough, you’ll commit to it and make it happen.

Who Are You Traveling With?

Your destination choices can be affected dramatically by your traveling companions. Our choices are slightly different now we have children. What about you? Will you be traveling solo, as a couple, or as a family?

What Kind of Trip Did You Have in Mind?

Is your working and family life so hectic that you need a trip to relax, recharge and spend quality time with your family? Or, are you the type who can’t sit still for long, are wired for action and want to see and do as much as possible?

How Much Time Do You Have?

If you only have 1-2 weeks of vacation time per year, you don’t want to waste too much of that time traveling to and from your destination. But if you have a month you can look at traveling a little further.

What Is Your Budget?

You can almost always find a match for your budget choices whatever travel destinations you choose. However, it could change your ultimate decision as it might not be budget enough, particularly if you are traveling long-term when it’s best to stick to the cheaper regions!

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