This park has spectacular scenery along the Rio Grande River, a couple of family-friendly hikes that are interesting for the kids, and a few off the beaten path adventures.

Sadly, many people visiting the Big Bend area ignore Big Bend State Park for the more glamorous, manicured and popular National Park. Texas parks and Wildlife Department have a lot to offer as well!

Things to do in Big Bend State Park

The good news is that even though Big Bend State Park Texas is huge, it’s still small enough for most people to do in one day.

Drive the River Road – RM 170

Not only is this drive full of gorgeous view points and hikes, you get the unique experience of driving in the US, but right beside Mexico.

Madera Canyon (camping spot)

It’s a popular camping spot as well. Be sure to pull over and enjoy the views whether you are camping or not.

The Big Hill Lookout

If you’ve seen any photos of the Rio Grande winding through spectacular mountain country, it’s probably been taken from The Big Hill Lookout.

Hoodoos Trail

Hoodoos are unique geological features. It’s an African word which refers to what they believed were strange animal shapes in the rocks and embodied evil spirits. They didn’t look to evil to us!

Ojito Andentro

I enjoyed the scenery on this 0.8 mile hike leading to lush springs and a seasonal waterfall in the riparian area of the park. And it’s meant to be one of the top birding sites in the park.

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