Embracing more travel in your life first starts with a decision and then a commitment. Once you’ve got that checked off, you can find clever ways to hack into travel to make it cheaper. 

1. Know your value

When you tune into your values, that is, what’s important to you and what you want to create, you’ll rarely go wrong when spending your money. Knowing your values will reduce your expenses on things you don’t care much about, and stop you spending money on things just to impress others. 

2. Change your money attitude

Love money and learn how to manage it and respect it. Remove feelings of fear, shame, and guilt around money – these will cost you a lot and will trap you into cycles of self-sabotage and unconscious (and unhealthy) spending. 

3. Use your credit card to pay and earn reward point

Use your Membership Rewards Card to pay for your living expenses + travel expenses. Set up a direct debit from your bank to pay off the balance each month. We recommend paying it off in full!  

4. Clear your cache, enable private browsing

Airlines track your behaviour via cookies, which means if you return at a later date to grab that cheap flight you found in your flight search, they’ve noted your interest through the cookies previously and so will, this time, return a slightly higher price for your flight. 

5. Use a VPN

Flights can be different prices depending on which country you book from. Use a VPN – a Virtual Private Network – which makes it look like you are in another country. You can select a VPN from the US, UK, Germany, Japan, etc. to find the lowest price and book through that VPN. 

Use search engine

Use search engines like Skyscanner, Adioso, and Google Flights who will scan the airlines for you and bring you comparative rates. You can purchase the best deal directly from them. OR, after finding the best deal, go direct to the airline’s website to see if you can get a better deal.