We traveled with a portable crib to New Zealand when Savannah was 8 weeks old. It was brilliant and it came on many road trips with us, or sleep overs at a friends house. 

Portable Travel Crib

When Kalyra was a baby, I had a Baby Sling. I loved the idea of it, but it was bulky and awkward and I constantly feared Kalyra would fall out or be smothered. Plus it hurt my back. 

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier

Insulated Double Bottle Storage Bag

I like how this Insulated baby bottle holder has attachable stroller straps. Check it out as one of the best kids travel items. 

Car Baby Bottle Warmer

I never traveled with one of these baby bottle warmers for the car. I’d just get my hands on a kettle and warm the bottle up in a cup of hot water. This looks much better and would be on my shopping list of best travel gear for kids. 

Soft Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blanket

I always liked traveling these soft cotton muslin swaddles. They are great for covering when breastfeeding in public, for shading my girls form the sun, keeping away pesky bugs, or wrapping them up . 

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