Denver is a city that seeks adventure, and the best way to experience Denver is to get outside – run the trails, cycle the roads, or take a kayak down the rapids that run right through the middle of downtown. 

What to Do in Denver

Denver has many of the same attractions and amenities of most major US cities with the added bonus of being at the foot of the largest mountain range in North America – reaping all the benefits that go along with that distinction. 

Red Rocks Amphitheater 

A world famous concert venue located in the hills above Denver. Towering red rock formations create a natural amphitheater with amazing acoustics. 

Mount Evans 

Though you can summit every one of Colorado’s ‘14ers’ via hiking and climbing, Mount Evans offers the unique distinction of offering a road to the top. 

Confluence Park

Located at the confluence of the Cherry Creek and the South Platte River, Confluence Park offers a kayaking course, city and mountain views, running and cycling trails, and the flagship REI store, a mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts. 

Events & Festivals

 Denver is a beer town. Part of this reputation comes from the host role the city plays to the Great American Beer Festival each year. The festival is the industry's top competition.

Getting Around Denver

Denver has a comprehensive bus system and an expanding light rail and commuter rail network, but the most fun form of public transportation are Denver’s community bicycles.