Portugal is well known for its stunning beaches, attracting millions of tourists from around the world to bathe on its pristine sands and swim in its warm turquoise waters.

From the golden sandy beaches in the Algarve region to the picturesque cliff-backed coves of the Caramujeira, Portugal has some of the best coastal landscapes in Europe.

If it’s your first time in Portugal or you just want to tick off the bucket list beaches, then be sure to visit these ones first…

Praia de São Jacinto, Aveiro

Situated between crashing Atlantic breakers and endless sand dunes, this gorgeous beach is what makes Portugal so famous for its beaches. It has bright white sands that stretch for 7km and is perfect for surfers and kite surfers since the waves are high here.

Ilha da Fuseta, Faro

Ilha da Fuseta in Faro is another rugged beach nestled in the heart of the stunning Ria Formosa Natural Park. It boasts a pristine golden sandy beach that stretch as far as the eye can see, meeting with the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Praia da Falésia, Albufeira

Praia da Falésia is a long stretch of sandy beach that expands for over six kilometers and backed by gorgeous, bright white and red cliffs. These stunning rock formations are what make Praia da Falesia so famous.

Comporta Beach

The beach is pure, clean golden sand and meets with crystal clear waters that are teeming with fish and marine life. If you’re lucky, you may even see pods of dolphins swimming off the coastline.

Camilo Beach

Camilo Beach is a small and idyllic beach tucked away in a secluded bay near Lagos, sheltered by high, craggy cliffs and fronted with gorgeous blue waters.

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