There are many reasons why you would consider traveling independently over being in a group.

Independent travelers tend to have more freedom, convenience, and save money. But there are far more things to consider than just saving time and money.

Why is independent travel is better than group travel?

In this guide, I’ve listed some things to consider when traveling alone as opposed to a group, as well as listing all the benefits of Independent travel.

Travel at a slower pace

Independent travel allows you to go at your own pace, enabling you to get to know the local culture more and create more enriching experiences in one particular area.

You get greater authenticity

I hesitate to use the word “authenticity” because I believe that every moment is authentic because you are experiencing it. What I am talking about here is cultural travel, a connection with the day to day living of a destination that might be harder to make on a tour.

There’s more flexibility

While you can usually find a guided tour that can fit in with your travel plans, there is still a limit to where you can go and what you can do.

It can be cheaper

Guided tours are always going to be more expensive because you are paying for someone else to do the planning for you. Although, sometimes small group trips work out to be a cheaper option.

You avoid terrible social dynamics

You hop on a guided tour for 2 months around Europe, you’ve paid all your money, you are super excited and then by day 3 you realize you have nothing in common with the 28 other people on the bus.

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