Petra is a spectacular sandstone city built in the third century BCE by the Nabataeans in the heart of the mountains between the Red Sea and Dead Sea.

What makes this capital city of the Arab Nabataeans so unique and impressive are its monumental structures, tombs, theaters, and complex irrigation system carved directly into the soft red stone.

Things to do and see in Petra, Jordan

Now let’s look at what you see once you arrive in Petra.

The Monastery, al-Deir

As the Treasury is so well-known to the world, and the Monastery isn’t, I think this will be the memory that will most live with me from my Petra excursion.

The 1,000 steps

If you are exploring Petra beyond the Treasury, you may hear of the 1,000 steps up from the lower road in the city center. It’s worth it – just take it slow.

Castle of the Pharaoh’s Daughter – Qasr Al Bint

It was built as a dedication to the Nabataean gods, stood at 23 m high, and was elaborately decorated with marble, columns, raised places for worship, and a large sacrificial altar in the front courtyard.

The Great Temple

The Great Temple included a 600-seat theater, vaulted rooms underneath, a huge, paved courtyard and a triple colonnade.

The Colonnaded Street

Whether you are coming in from the Treasury, or from the 1,000 steps, you will soon arrive at the Colonnaded Street, where you’ll start to see the Roman influence on the city.

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