All of the Portland neighborhoods have several restaurants you can indulge in, no matter your cuisine or style. 

Go Aussie Style at Proud Mary Cafe

The passion to dish up quality and bring people together is evident through excellent customer service, communal tables, and food you can’t help but talk about like sticky fried eggplant and a potato hash dish toped with anchovy cream! 

Vegan AND Gluten Free at Back to Eden Bakery

Vegan and gluten free lovers rejoice. Finally a place that combines the two in 100% fashion. And menus are also labelled with dishes that are soy free. Back to Eden alright! 

Return to Hanoi at Grandma Lela’s Vietnamese Kitchen

Choose a porch rocking chair, a table in a quaint dining room or a picnic table out front. OR, like us, you could pick up some take out to enjoy from the comfort of your Airbnb. 

Make your own Pancakes at Slappy Cakes

We first experienced Slappy Cakes in Singapore so were surprised when we saw it and had it recommended to us by many people as a good place for breakfast in Portland. 

Thai Street Food at Pok Pok

The smells coming out of this place were enough to put on half a pound and take me back to our time in Chiang Mai. I could stand there all day and take in the aromas of Thai street food. 

Deschutes Brewery

The brew pub’s 20+ taps feature Deschutes mainstays plus a selection of seasonal and experimental beers developed and brewed on-site.