As a family who travel so much, you can bet our two daughters love and appreciate a travel-themed gift each year at Christmas time.

Travel is a wonderful way for them to look beyond the toys piling up in their room and learn more about themselves and their role in this ever changing, yet exciting world we live in.

Travel Gifts For Kids

So without any further ado, let’s get into the best gifts you can get your travel bug kids this Xmas!

Travel Experiences

Your kids might not quite get that concept until they’re actually riding that horse through spectacular mountain scenery imagining they are on a unicorn and all their dreams have come true.

Scratch Maps

Our girls received these scratch maps of the USA states and USA national parks after we returned home from our USA road trip. They were excited to scratch each country off the world map that they had visited sharing a “oh yeah I remember” that moment from each one.

Hydration Hiking Backpack for Kids

These handy travel backpacks contain a water bladder with a drinking tube that comes out the front strap of the bag. Feel thirsty?

Point & Shoot Camera

It’s wonderful to see them engage with travel in this way and to see their perspective on experiences and what they find memorable and interesting.

GoPro Camera (+ AKASO alternative)

What about kids who loves playing in the water? Or participate in some high action activities? Of course they still want to record their memories, even more so as its high adventure and memory making stuff. You know a GoPro can cater to any kind of activity to capture those memories.

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