Are you considering a Danube River Cruise and wondering what the experience will be like? We’re here to tell you, it’s a wonderful way of traveling that makes the journey as fun and interesting as the destination.

Admittedly, this is the only European river cruise we’ve experienced so far. But we paid careful attention as to how other passengers were enjoying the cruise and their comments, and observed many other cruise companies along the river to compare.

Things to Love about an Avalon Waterways Danube Cruise

Avalon has set the bar very high for us in terms of a high-quality river cruise experience in Europe. 

Suites with Panoramic Views

This Open-Air balcony is unique to Avalon and a highlight of this river cruising experience. It’s seven feet wider than other cruise ship balconies and brings you right up to the water’s edge.

Outstanding Food on an Avalon River Cruise

You knew without a doubt each meal and snack would be great. It competed fiercely with Italy for some of the best food on our European trip, it was definitely more diverse!

Spacious Sky Deck with Hot Tub

There are no swimming pools on a European river cruise, but there is a hot tub with an expansive view!

The Stunning Scenic Sails on the Danube River

Our scenic sails were from Passau to Linz and from Melk through the picturesque Wachau Valley to Vienna. It was incredible sailing through this gorge and seeing the little villages on the edge of the river that looked like colorful paintings. 

On Board Activities, Amenities and Entertainment

The ship also had board games and shelves full of reading books in the Club lounge. There’s a fitness center and an Adventure Host holding morning yoga classes, which I really enjoyed attending. 

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