When you stay in hotels in downtown Asheville, like Hotel Indigo, you can immerse yourself in the city without worrying about accommodation commutes and wasting valuable time! 

Ideal Asheville Hotel Location

If you’re looking for downtown Asheville hotels centrally located, Hotel Indigo is within walking distance to all the Downtown Asheville restaurants, shops, music venues and experiences, including the popular South Slope for trendy breweries and local vibe. 

Optimal Asheville Views 

Hotel Indigo Asheville Downtown stands above most of the other buildings downtown and is just on the outskirts, which means it has a prime view of the surrounding mountains. 

Checking-In: Online and in Person

Check-in was welcoming and effortless. I received an email the day before arrival to check-in online, with my requested time. All we had to do was pick up the keys upon arrival. 

Hotel Parking 

Our valet was very helpful in explaining it to us. He was also very efficient in getting cars to everyone quickly on a busy morning. Since we knew we’d be driving in and out to explore the River Arts District we chose valet parking. 

Spacious, Comfortable Room

First, we were impressed with the size of the room. As a family of four, we appreciate a hotel room with a bit of space. With a small entryway, separate seating area, work area, and two queen beds, we had more space than typical hotel rooms we have stayed in. 

oneFIFTYone Boutique Bar & Kitchen 

In keeping with Asheville’s personality, the oneFIFTYone Boutique Bar and Kitchen in the hotel’s lobby uses fresh, organic, and seasonal ingredients that support local farms and businesses in the Asheville, NC region.