It can be tough when you have just qualified as an English teacher. You’re full of enthusiasm and desperate to get going, but then you spend weeks or months applying for jobs around the world with no luck. 

But there is an alternative to applying of endless jobs, and it can often turn out to be more liberating (not to mention more lucrative). 

Why I Chose to Go It Alone

I fell into teaching for myself without really thinking about it. Word got around that I was a teacher, and friends of friends would get in touch and ask if I could give them a few lessons. 

How to Find Your Own Students

Tell your new friends, both expats and locals, and befriend other teachers who may not have the hours to take on new students but can happily recommend you. 

Cancellations have always been my biggest issue. Whilst I was working for teaching companies I was paid for any cancellations, but with my own students it just became a part of the job. 

What’s Not to Like?

You may be surprised by just how many people there are out there who simply want to improve their already-excellent English by conversing with a native speaker on a regular basis. 

Start With Conversation Classes

It may not be for everyone, but all I would say is don’t immediately dismiss the option of working for yourself as an English teacher. 

Is Self-Employment for You?