7 Things To Do In The Bahamas That Will Make Your Bahamas Vacation Unforgettable

From the historic streets of Nassau to the untouched bays of the Out Islands, the accessibility of a Bahamas Vacation is unparalleled..

While a trip to Nassau Bahamas is an essential part of any getaway to the Bahamas, you will find that the true beauty of the country can be found in the Out Islands – a string of pristine, untouched islands that display a staggering natural beauty.

1.) Family Fun in Nassau

When it comes to family vacations in the Caribbean, there are few places that compare to Nassau Bahamas.

2. Island Hop the Out Islands

There are 700 islands in the Out Islands which collectively account for 84% of the Bahamas’ land mass. Each of these islands has an entirely unique personality, with one, unmistakable theme in common: beautiful landscapes.

With such a range of different and unique beaches throughout the archipelago, you and your family will spend your time exploring as many beaches as you can.

3. Explore the Best Beaches in the Bahama

4. Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cay

5. Swimming with Exuma Pig

6. Learn About Pirate and Slave History

7. Island Hopping in the Bahamas by Plane