Seville is located in the South of Spain, and according to a large majority (including me), it is the most beautiful city of the country. It is not surprising though that it receives more than 1.8 million visitors every year.

La Alameda de Hércules

Here, you will find the perfect spot to either have a great breakfast (Sevillanos love to have it at a bar), some nice lunch or a drink in the evening. 

Eat Tapas at Las Golondrinas (c/ Antillano Campos, 26)

Apart from the great local atmosphere, the bar is decorated with typical Sevillian elements. You will love it. 

Plaza Doña Elvira

Despite the fact that the Barrio de Santa Cruz (the old Jewish Quarter) is generally crowded, this little square is the perfect place to sit and relax while feeling the water flowing at the fountain. 

Convento de San Leandro

The convent is famous for the yemas (sweet made with egg yolk and sugar) the nuns sell there. It was built in the 17th century and, apart from the magnificent retablo mayor (altarpiece) it has two lateral retablos made by Martinez Montañés.

Plaza del Cabildo

The action takes place on Sundays, when people from everywhere gather to sell, buy and exchange collectors (stamps, coins, stickers…). Even if you cannot make it on a Sunday, the detour will be worthwhile. 

I am always impressed by the simplicity of its design and, at the same time, the personality it has. If you get there and you see that the doors are closed, have a drink at some of the bars around and wait until it is mass time.