The world is a forgiving place, and it’s much safer than people and media make it out to be.

Thinking back, sometimes I ask myself what are things I wish I had known before I started traveling. What could I have done differently? Which leads me on to…

Questions to Ask Before You Travel Solo As A Woman

Here are 4 key questions I ask myself before embarking on a solo trip:

Have I done my research?

For me, spontaneity is one of my favorite parts of travel and I like to be surprised. This means I don’t plan out every moment of every day, have detailed itineraries, and instagram photos saved.

But for solo female travelers, and all travelers really, it’s important to do a little research into the culture of where you are going more so than things to do.

Does where I am going match my level of experience?

While experience comes with time, maybe some of these places don’t rank high on your bucketlist and you want to jump in feet first into some crazy adventures.

Go for it, if that’s your dream, just be smart about it. Go back to step 1 and do your research, be prepared.

Am I prepared?

Whether you are traveling on your own or in a group, it’s important to be prepared for all manner of situations.

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