3 Day Yosemite Trip with Globus Journeys (Views + Photography Tours)

Our tour group spent three days in Yosemite at an ambling pace, which allowed me to soak up the views, the warm Fall temperatures, and experience a few new things like a Ansell Adam’s inspired photography tour of Yosemite Valley.   

Tioga Pass Road

It’s the highest road in California with an elevation range from 6,200 feet to 10,000 ft. The road is closed for half the year due to snowy conditions. 

Olmsted Point

Olmsted Point is where you’ll find dramatic panoramic vistas of the granite cliffs and boulders that form so much of Yosemite and makes rock climbers around the world happy. 

Tenaya Lake

Tenaya Lake was our picturesque first stop along the Tioga Pass. There’s a nice sandy beach here with beautiful views of the surrounding glacially shaped domes that look snow covered, but is just the granite sparkling! 

Black and White Photography Tour

Our guide and avid photographer, Blake shared the story of Ansel and his photography journey as we walked through the meadows of Yosemite Valley. 

Wander (or bike) Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley is famous for its rock formations, massive cliff faces and plunging waterfalls, including Yosemite Falls.