Boracay Island has attracted the backpacker crowd over the years. And who can blame them?

It has pristine, white sand beaches, the clearest water ever, an abundance of thriving marine life, and some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet.

Things to Do on Boracay with Kids

But what is it like if you’re not a backpacker? Is Boracay a great place for kids? You bet!

Visit Spider House for lunch or sunset

Built on the edge of the cliff on the north side of Diniwid Beach, and accessed via a small tunneled cave, its bamboo decks hang out over the water and offer stunning views back towards Diniwid Beach.

Explore the White Beach area

The locals call it Long Beach, as you can also guess, it’s quite long. It’s broken up into three sections called Stations.

Sip on Jony’s shakes

The papaya and lemon shake was delicious. But, the standout was Kalyra’s Bananatella. Very naughty for my standards, but oh so delicious.

Don’t Miss The White Beach sunsets

Sunsets on White Beach is an infamous experience on Boracay.

Enjoy Sand sculpting on the beach

There are lots of young boys who’d be happy to sculpt your name in the sand for a price. I was most impressed with their entrepreneurial spirit, and it offered a lovely exchange for the girls with some local kids.

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