Italy’s largest lake, Lake Garda, is a popular holiday destination and the ideal place for families and travellers of all types to spend a few days soaking in the Mediterranean sun.

Whilst not as famous as Lake Como, there are plenty of things to do at Lake Garda for any type of traveller.

Things to Do in Lake Garda

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly attractions in Lake Garda or things to do as a couple, these are the best places to visit…

Jump Aboard a Ferry

A great way to see Lake Garda is from the water and ferries make it easy to cross from one side of the lake to the other.

Shop at a Market at Lake Garda

Most towns around the lake have a weekly market where you can purchase freshly caught fish, meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables, and other tasty treats.

Eat Gelato, Pizza and Pasta

If there’s one thing you must do when you visit Lake Garda with kids it is eat gelato, pizza, or pasta – or all three! Not only do most kids love these three Italian specialties, but they are also cheap and readily available.

Hike to Rocca di Garda

If you’re looking for amazing viewpoints, you won’t find much more beautiful than the views at the top of the Rocca di Garda hill, which overlooks Bardolino to the left and Garda Town to the right.

Climb a Clock Tower

The Torre Apponale is a 34-metre-high clock tower dating back to the 13th century which overlooks Piazza III November, the main square.

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