We all know travel has changed. So much that it pretty much ground to a halt in 2020.



One thing I know for sure, travel will never permanently die. The desire for it is far too great as it offers our lives so much joy and richness.

It will be a different experience, and hopefully, NOW, a better one. I hope we can use some valuable lessons to evolve it into a gentler, more meaningful experience that is done a little more consciously.



Sustainable Travel

Tourism boards will be putting their head together to come up with better plans to manage numbers and the impact on their local environments and communities. Consumers, I hope, will be looking at how they can balance their love for travel and the many gifts it gives them with how they can walk more gently.

Caravan/RV Travel + Glamping

RV Travel took off last year as soon as the flights ground to a halt. With the uncertainty of 2021 still around, traveling in an RV will be a popular option, particularly more people are now remote working and learning.

It feels funny sharing domestic road trips as a trend, when we’ve been living this trend full-time for 7 years! The more I road trip, the further I stray from airports.  Road tripping is more effortless, fun, liberating, flexible and typically cheaper. It lends itself to so many cool adventures – many off the beaten path – with multiple people you love. .

Domestic Road Trip


You don’t want to visit Nashville and miss the raw live musical experience of the Honky Tonk bars..

Health & Safety

People will research destinations more carefully to ensure they feel protected through low case numbers, health checks and immunization requirements. They will look for accommodation and tours that respect hygiene guidelines and are more intimate in nature.?



We’re all very much aware now of how many things are outside of our own control and can go wrong. If you have to cancel at the last minute because something unknown happens, you want to be able to do it knowing you have not lost thousands in the process.