As I’ll share with you in this post if we remain in a life where the boundaries are the same, how can we ever look into those boundaries with enough clarity to recognize the soul. 

Travel helps us to step out of these boundaries and see who we really are when we don’t exist in them. 

Forced to deal with change and uncertainty

Change and uncertainty is actually a normal part of our evolution. Change helps us to adapt, and the ability to adapt is what causes us to thrive. You know Darwin and all! 

Get to know what you like and don’t

So much of what brings me joy in life is a result of learning what I like and don’t like and crafting a lifestyle (and home) around having more of that surrounding me. You don’t know what you don’t know. Travel helps you to know more! 

Understand your strengths and weaknesses

There’s nothing like being thrown in the deep end of travel to quickly learn what you are good and bad at. You’ll certainly experience ways to help you grow this as well. 

Chance to live free from judgement … perhaps

Living without judgement gives you the freedom to change, to accept, to be curious, and open. Travel is a wonderful portal to help you lose the chains of judgement. 

You can present the best side of you

I feel so free when I travel because no one knows who I am, where I come from, the mistakes I’ve made, how I’ve failed, how I’ve hurt others, or how they’ve hurt me. I can start again in every single moment.