Ah, to be sure to be sure, Ireland would have to have one of the best pub scenes in the world.

It is an extremely modern and trendy bar, and with its comfy couches, low tables, student atmosphere, and short stumble home, it easily made our best Dublin pubs list.

The Toast Bar

Roday Bolands

Just a short walk up from the Toast bar in Rathmines, is this Dublin Irish pub, extremely popular with students and as a meeting place for those living in Dublin who came from the country.

Sunrise will come from behind you. So, you get pretty colors in front and a soft light on the mangroves on the opposite side of the river.

We missed sunset from the houseboat unfortunately as we were out busy every evening doing activities, but it’s meant to be amazing. You’ll get to see it drop behind the mangroves.

We jumped in the hot tub late one night and loved watching the stars directly above us. What more do you want from your accommodation?

Another fantastic outdoor feature of the houseboat is the small BBQ deck at the end of the wooden pier where the boat is moored is a small deck with BBQ for your cookouts

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