8 Helpful Tips – How to Plan Your Next Vacation After the Pandemic!

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It is hard to think that there will ever be a time when we will be able to travel “normally” again. 

Laguna Beach in Orange County - one of the best places to visit in Southern California
Laguna Beach, California

At the present moment, we are in the thick of a pandemic. The majority of the world is under restrictions, and there is really no telling when things will get better. 

The truth is that this is not the first pandemic to hit the world. In fact, there have been several others that have been just as deadly if not more so. These pandemics did end, and so will this one. 

Once the pandemic has come to end and the world starts to move again, people will want to get back to traveling, but even traveling will be different. 

There is no telling what things will be different about traveling in the future, but the following are eight helpful tips that a person can begin to think of when planning for a vacation.

Don’t Travel without Sanitizer

We will forever be hyper attentive to the importance of sanitizing. Since that is the case, the traveler of the future does well to pack a good supply of sanitizer for the family. 

This can come in the form of little sanitizers that can be attached to a bag; with small sanitizers each member of the family is able to have their own protection.

Drink Clean Water when You Travel

water bottles
Portable water filters

The present pandemic has shown people how quickly a virus can pass. At the same time, there are other bacteria and contamination that can be passed through water. 

Since that is the case, a savvy traveler does well to carry their own portable water filter. With a portable water filter, a traveler has one less thing to worry about when it comes to clean drinking water and their health. They can travel securely knowing that the water they drink is clean and safe.

Check with The Airline about Safe Flying

Not all airlines are created equally, and a savvy traveler does well to contact the airline ahead of time so that they can know the seating and safety protocols that the airline has implemented!

If the airline does not have adequate safety measures and proper seating arrangements related to the current situation, consider flying with a different one!

Check the Cleaning Standards of the Airbnb or Hotel

living room and kitchen
Our Seattle Airbnb from 2018

Just as checking with the airline is wise, checking with an Airbnb host can also be a wise move for a traveler. Airbnb has since implemented an enhanced cleaning process – check with your host to see if they have committed to that!

It is also good to know what cleaning protocols that your future hotel has put into place. Since many other travelers will have stayed there, it is wise to make sure that the rooms are cleaned and sanitized, as well as the public spaces, before arrival.

Know Your Eating Locations

Before getting to your travel destinations, it is wise to have done some initial research on where you are going to eat.

Make sure that the restaurant has a good reputation (and healthy and safety record) before eating there. If your dining choices are already chosen, that is one less thing to have to worry about while traveling and more time for you to explore!

Where to Visit?

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Even after the pandemic has ended, there may still be apprehension about the places that are open for tourists.

Before going to a destination, investigate the attractions and places where the family might want to go in order to find out how busy it is, if it has a limit when it comes to guests, and check to see what times that it will be less crowded with tourists. 

Consider the Beach

Sunset at Kaanapali Beach in Maui, Hawaii
Sunset over the beach in Maui, Hawaii

After the pandemic, it may be wise to choose places that will not obligate travelers to be inside. 

This might mean skipping the great museums and going to places that have enjoyable outside options. 

There are several countries that have amazing beaches and beach accommodations, this may be a great choice in the beginning of the open traveling season.

Travel Away

Even though your next major vacation may seem to be something in the distant future, the travel industry is very resilient and it will happen. 

When it does, it is wise to be prepared and savvy. There is nothing that can stop the spirit of curiosity in the human heart, so as soon as things get safe, may the traveling begin.

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