How to unplug from the chaos
To follow your bliss, travel more & create better memories
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Reconnect to what matters
 Do you feel like life is zipping past you real fast and you barely have time to think straight, let alone have space to do the things you love?

You left school with big dreams of adventure, fun and creation,  but then life got in the way - with all its schedules, routines, demands. The pressure to race up the corporate ladder, adhere to society‚Äôs expectations, and keep up with those racing around beside you stole the fun and purpose right out of your life.

Are you dizzy and questioning, What the hell is this all for? Do you even know what you want anymore?

You do, you've just buried it a little. Time to unplug and reconnect to YOUR values and priorities.

Allow life to be about fun, adventure, dreaming, discovery mixed in with a whole lotta love, connection and bliss.

We unplugged from the chaos in 2013.  We were almost broke and I was suffering from health issues that had me thinking my time was almost over.

It lead me to question what I was doing with my life. I was not making each day count. I had nothing to remember each day by, and I was a disconnected, distracted, and possibly depressed mother.

Something had to change. That something was me and what I was connecting to.

We unplugged from that life we didn't love to follow our bliss. 

It was a risk. It paid off. We live a life we control completely. We make decisions based upon what we value. We say NO a lot. We travel a lot.

My health is rocking. Our family bond is strong. And we have memories that are rich and meaningful.

When I get to the end, now I know I can say that I lived a life that was good.

The change starts by following your bliss step-by-step each day.

The Unplugged Life & Travel Toolkit
We've put together a FREE Unplugged Life & Travel Toolkit. It's designed t help you UNPLUG rom the chaos, FOLLOW your bliss, and - because you and I both know it's enriches your life - TRAVEL more and create better MEMORIES.
How to Unplug
In this free report, you'll learn how to know what to UNPLUG from and 105 easy ways to unplug a little each day.
How to Follow your Bliss
This 8-step plan will help you connect to what your bliss is, and then give you the confidence to follow it.
How to Travel More
This audio will take you through five easy steps to move from travel dreaming to travel reality.
Preparing for travel
A free welcome email series that shares our best tips to help you save money, plan, and prepare for your trip.
Unplugged Manifesto
A printable PDF to help keep you focused on staying connected to what matters.
Travel Manifesto
A printable PDF to help you create meaningful travel moments and memories.
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