A travel personality test to reveal your travel style

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How do you know where to start your travels?

That’s a common question we get asked by soon-to-be adventurers planning to travel.

An endless ocean of choices causes the fear of making the wrong choice, or worse, not making a choice.

Our very simple advice is, “What do you like? What do you want to see and experience?”

This can be difficult to answer if you’ve spent years ignoring who you are and what you want.

Travel is not as easy as it looks.

There are many reasons why you’ll quit prematurely – one of those being if you choose the wrong travel destination or experience. It’s something to carefully consider and not just in relation to your budget or where your mates are going.

Right decision making comes from knowing yourself and creating a life that suits your values, interests and priorities.

It might seem strange, but often you give up control of your own life because you aren’t clear on your personality, or you don’t give yourself permission to express it.

How your travel personality evolves

Don’t hold tight to your travel personality! Don’t hold tight to anything about you!

Life is about evolution and you only thrive through that when you change.

My travel personality is completely different to what it was twenty years ago. My priorities and values are different and my life’s circumstances are.

I now have kids. I’m now 40. There was a time when dancing on the tables all night on Greek Islands was my personality. That would now give me a two-week hangover and distress my children to witness my flailing arms and legs.

Tree Top Walk at the Valley of the Giants, Western Australia

I like Zen and unhurried moments. Crowds get to me.

I recently visited Sydney and felt so overwhelmed walking up the stairs as I was engulfed by a crowd of people streaming towards me. My heart rate raised and I wanted to return to the Outback.

When Savannah was 18 months, we visited Thailand for two weeks. Thailand was always my soul home and dream destination. The easy care-free living, the street food, the chaos and absence of rules. I thrived on it.

But, with a toddler I hated it. I had to be hyper alert with her runaway legs in land that has no real structure, space or safety (as compared to Western safety, viewed through the eyes of a mother – it’s totally different trust me!)

Now I hate lazing around on the beach all day with kids –  the fun stops after an hour of building sandcastles and riding waves. Soon the kids get hot and bothered, and instead of snatching five minutes reading your book, you’re wiping tears, pulling sand out of sandwiches, and dealing with meltdowns.

Samoqueira Beach, Porto Côvo - one of the best beaches in Portugal

My travel style

My travel personality prefers active exploration

Doing adventurous and engaging activities together so we have fun and get exhausted so we can all collapse into bed early. I don’t want to lie on a beach knowing I can’t really lie on a beach.

I like small cities

Ones that have lots of options for eating out, great coffee, and interesting things to do, but not ones that are over polluted, over populated and have lost their soul to flashing neon lights, chain restaurants and kitsch souvenirs. I want laneways and secret holes in the wall and local flavour.

My travel personality is now only interested in road trips

I don’t want the hassle of public transport travel, especially with the kids. I like to carry more things and more comfort.

I’m not interested in budget backpacking anymore. I like to give the kids a bit of stability and comfort and a car does that. Plus I love the flexibility and the control over my freedom.

It’s why we gave up the trek around South East Asia and opted for Australia again and why our next adventure will be a US road trip.

Once the kids get older and our priorities change, we might venture into more chaotic and adventurous destinations.

Do you understand your travel personality?

Do you sometimes ignore it because you feel you SHOULD travel in the way others say you should?

Perhaps they think it’s cooler if you go off the beaten path or try and get the nearest dog kennel to sleep in just to save $5. That sounds like hell to you, but you don’t want to seem like a snob.

You’re not. You just know who you are and are going with what floats your boat so you don’t drown!

Check out this cool travel personality test

If you’re still trying to figure out your travel personality, we have designed a cool travel quiz to help you match your personality with your the perfect travel quote.

Take the quiz now and see what travel quote and travel personality suits you. On the other side of your result, you’ll find a page of free tips and resources and destination ideas


I’d love to hear what your travel scene was? Pop back and tell me in the comments and how accurate you thought it was!

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24 thoughts on “A travel personality test to reveal your travel style”

  1. haha! I got the UK…weird that it’s one of the places that I haven’t been to yet. I might be saving the best for last? 😉

  2. Ha ha ha! I got arty and offbeat in London. Although I would like to return to London one of these days I’m not particularly arty! I’m more of a nature lover. Great article. I think we all look for different experiences out of holidays.

  3. This is a fantastic post Caz! I got Spain. Interesting as it was one of my first big backpacker trips and I’ll never forget the fun we had for 1 month! My personality has definitely evolved now too. I’ve even ventured to a suitcase for this next trip. So grown up haha

  4. Fun. I know what makes me happy when I travel and yes, crowds suck! I got the UK, so I guess I’ll be picking that destination if I win, although I have never been to Paris and my daughter is begging to go!

  5. woo hoo I got India. Such a coincidence because I was just planning a trip over there, its on the top of my bucket list!! What a beautiful part of the world

    1. At the bottom of the email is a link that says Manage My subscription. If you click on that, you can unsubscribe. Sorry to see you go! All the best

  6. I got France 😀 But I don’t know.. i like big cities, with lots of entertainement , museums, restaurantes … but not really like old places , so i am not very attracted to european destinations (only London, Liverpool and Frankfurt). I like New York a lot more than Paris, for example. But i am also an introvert, so i don’t like parties. I like new york because i can do everything i want. 😉

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