Ooops. I spilled tea on my computer

You might possibly walk away and whack your office chair almost adding a broken hand to your pile of brokenness. It’s highly likely you’ll cry and pray for a miracle, particularly if you have a terrible data backup plan.

No doubt an f-bomb or two will slip out.

I urge you to do all these things. Get out of your system all your self-pity and frustration because it does bloody suck!

Digital nomad computer

You might want to pass it off as just bad luck. But I don’t believe it, so the sizzling computer is either a sign that says “pay attention you’re off track” OR ‘’I’m just about to change your life somehow.”

So when I spilt my cup of green tea over my computer last week, I was left to ask, “WTF, which one is it?”

We raced to the computer repair shop, and his less than helpful diagnosis was to wait three days after it dried out to “see.”

“If not, I might be able to rescue your data. It just depends on what the tea did to it.”

I turned to Craig in the car on the way home,

“How did I create this? My manifesting skills are better than this now? What’s going on?”

And that’s what you do when you spill your tea on your computer.

Try to uncover what is going on. Detach yourself from the “woe is me, this is ruining my life and I can never get ahead. There is no such thing as a silver lining.”

It may seem all Pollyannish and I’ve been accused of that in condescending ways before. But I tell ya, living this way sure is a damn site better than crying over a couple of whiskey shots in a honky tonk saloon bar (although that does sound kinda fun).

Here’s what I know and how I tried to uncover it:

1. It’s not the end of the world.

Nothing ever will be until your heart stops. Tea spilling on your computer is just something that can happen.You’ll recover. Repeat the mantra, “In this moment, I am fine.”

It’s called sitting in the eye of the storm with poise and grace, knowing with absolute certainty that what does go on out there can’t disturb your inner joy.

In a month’s time, when the storm has passed and the solution is in place, the momentary loss will be forgotten.

2. What was going on with my psyche before this happened?

I totally believe that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are responsible for what we create. So what was I creating and why?

I was stumped. As mentioned I’m a great manifestor. I work hard on raising my vibration and keeping a clean energy field so I couldn’t understand how I could manifest this.

These were the occurrences that happened on a weekly level several years ago when I was a master of letting the shit definite and own me: busted tyres, speeding fines, late fees, broken everything.

Just how good am I at manifesting?

Well, early that morning as I was performing my morning ritual of sun gazing I was working on my vision of working less, having an effortless life of flowing money that didn’t involve so much hustle. “I am ready for it and worthy” I boldly stated. “I only want to focus on what matters.”

Hello, spilt tea and broken computer. Now Facebook and all the rest can’t disturb me. Whip out the pen and paper and start writing with meaning. You’ve been putting it off for too much lately.

Now for that huge influx of secure money!!!

There was also the cranky, ungrateful eyes and the tut-tuts I’ve been throwing at my computer lately – “You’re not really that good, my next computer will be more efficient.“

And then the moment before the kick of the tea, which surprisingly I’ve never done before, even though one always sits by my computer. The damn external hard drive malfunctioned again as I was transferring files. I growled at it and growled at my computer. “The USB ports always seem to play up, there has to be something better.”

Boom. Tea Spill.

Here’s my chance to find out.

3. What else is going on?

This is the shaky chaos. The rickety bridge between old and new. I wrote about it recently here.

We’re going through a massive change moving from Australia to the USA. It’s not just the physical move but all the energy that comes with it given the disaster we went through to come to this point of change – of becoming the people we needed to be who were ready for our ultimate dream. If that makes sense.

It’s no coincidence that we’ve landed in our hometown before the shift happens.

It’s the closure that is needed. The change is real and with it comes a few shaky things. Need for a new camera – yep unexpected pop out of the blue and now this laptop. But other things in our life are flowing fine so it’s not one of those awful periods of being trapped in a dark hole and manifesting drama after drama.

It’s just the two different worlds moving and bumping like a 3.2 on the Richter Scale.

4. The let me help you

There was a time once before when my computer broke and shut me off from the wasted hours browsing and talking crap on Facebook.

With all the extra time I had, I decided now was as good a time as any to write that travel book of mine. After hours of scribbling furiously writing, and feeling a sense of joy and fulfilment I had not experienced in a long time, I realised I needed people to sell the book to.

It was then I decided that once my computer was repaired that I’d start a travel blog just to see where it took me.


It took me to here to a place where I can cope with any kind of catastrophe, realising its nothing more than a helping hand guiding you through change and something that can open doors of opportunity.

And that’s what you do when you spill tea on your computer.

what to do when you spill tea on your computer
This s pretty much what I did.

You also make sure you only drink liquids from now on from a spill proof cup (Put it on the gift list), you back up weekly on an external hard drive, and you possibly have a smaller computer as backup you can use while you wait for another solution.

Because it’s not really nice to have piles and piles of work to do and lots of rare time to do it, but no tools to help you. I mean how can you make pizza without dough?

Oh, that’s right, it’s my less work, more joy philosophy?

— Update–

So after three days of drying out my computer, it did not start. In that downtime, I managed to write two new email series, one for our VIP travel tribe and one for our VIP Digital lifestyle tribe.

It was something I had been planning for ages to do but kept putting it off. I nailed them and felt so happy for getting it done and providing value to our community.

After researching online for the best PCs for 2016 I narrowed my choices down to the Dell XPS 13 and the Microsoft Surface Book. I knew I was about to be paying more for a computer than ever before, but I had decided that it was time to invest in something good.

I was very calm and accepting of what was happening. Yes, I could cry and complain about how life was unfair and lament the unexpected cost. It hurt. But, how was that going to change anything? It is what it is and I’m pursuing ease and calm, not drama, even when the storm is happening around me.

The man at JB Hi-Fi was so helpful and bore with me for some time as I asked several questions and went back and forth on the Dell and Microsoft Surface Book and the phone to Craig. He even threw a Lenovo Yoga in the mix for me to think about as the next best cheaper option.

But, my heart was instantly drawn to the Microsoft Surface Book. No matter what he said to me, and no matter what my mind tried to say about how the Dell may be better, my heart and my gut just said Microsoft Surface Book.

I could not stop thinking about it. I could not stop picturing me using the computer and being in love with it and walking around taking notes with the stylus pen on the tablet. I’ve never been in love with a computer brand before, you know like the Mac cult is?

I’ve never been in love with a computer brand before, you know like the Mac cult is?

This would be my Mac Cult, only so much cooler and more efficient.

I was so joyful with my purchase and could not wait to get home to use it. This little beauty would be the centre of my world.

I detoured on the way home to see my Dad in the hospital recovering from his double knee replacement to show off how beautiful my new computer looked in the box.

“I’m okay considering the whole tea spill thing, but how you doing Dad with your new knees? I might let you stream a few cricket matches when you come home.”

Things were looking great for everyone.

I got home and prepared myself for the big “turn power on” when the little voice found its way into my ear and said, “Maybe just check your dead computer one last time before you bury it.”

Turn on. A little flicker. Dead. “Ah, what was the little flicker?” Turn on again and boom ‘Hello I’m back to life, that was the best sleep ever, but I’m ready for business again.”


I thought about burying it before anyone found out, but I couldn’t do it to the bank balance our America Unplugged trip relies on. “OMG Mum, you would not believe what my tea soaked computer has done!!!”

Although I was really upset that my greatest computer love would be returned before I even pulled it out of the box, I was very grateful the computer worked again saving me about $3k, returning all my important documents and files.

The first thing I did was back them up to an external hard drive.


You may think I’m crazy, but I truly believe that everything turned out for me because I remained calm in the storm. I didn’t have a self-pity party (maybe for a minute) I didn’t rage or scream. I just accepted it, looked for the lesson, got to work finding a solution, focusing on joy and working out how to turn lemons into lemonade.

I didn’t have a self-pity party (maybe for a minute) I didn’t rage or scream. I just accepted it, looked for the lesson, got to work finding a solution, focusing on joy and working out how to turn lemons into lemonade.

There was only ever going to be a good result.

Another wonderful thing about this experience – I randomly discovered that Ontraport was having a boot camp in Sydney. It’s a workshop I’ve wanted to go to for ages to help me learn how to use my email software tool more efficiently.

I decided to go – all ready with my two new email sequences to get the help I needed to ensure I was implementing them in the best way.

Thank you, Universe for momentarily taking out my computer so I could be prepared for my course and take our business to the next level.

See, it’s always guiding and helping you.

When I think a little deeper on it, for the past year I’ve been intently focused on getting a large part of our business systemized and organised. Ontraport and my email system was a huge part of that. I think being at this Ontraport course is now going to help me achieve that – my bigger dream realised.

What got me here eventually was the spilt tea on the computer!!

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change Wayne Dyer quote

And now I know without a doubt what my next computer will be. So it gave me time to research and fall in love in that computer cultish fashion.

We will be purchasing a Microsoft Surface Book when we get to the States as it’s a little cheaper – like almost half the price on Amazon – and we won’t have to worry about a different plug.

Kalyra and Savannah both had a go at the pen and exclaimed that we must get one. They will be cheaper in the US and I will be working on my manifesting skills to make one appear.

I felt a huge shift within me at the time of purchasing my new, soon to be not mine, Microsoft Surface Book. I felt like I had finally given myself permission to step into a new me to embrace a different world to accept and be different.

It was the strangest feeling and I knew this was the final event to push me from that old world to the new. Everything felt lighter and freer and I felt so in control, so strong, so supported. And really joyful, like I can handle anything that comes my way and still remain happy and still see goodness around me.

It’s hard to describe and sometimes I don’t think energetic shifts can be explained.

But if you pay attention to your energy, if you tune into what you are creating around you, if you reflect on what the greater story and plan here is and experience this with sharp awareness, you’ll notice it too.

And that’s what you do when you spill tea on your computer.

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What to do when you spill tea on your computer

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